Malachite Butterfly

Malachite Butterfly

I shot this photo at Hershey Rose Garden’s “Butterfly House” in Hershey, PA. This is a small enclosure inside the Rose Gardens. but is a great place to spend some time with these winged jewels. The acres of gardens are also beautiful and provide many, many photo opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Malachite Butterfly

  1. Jeff:

    You might not really care to do so, but idiots with semi-OCD like me would probably like to know the dates of when you took these photos. I do like that you give a brief description of where they were photographed and your “frame” (Get if? It’s a photog kinda joke.) of mind while taking the pictures.

    Keep up the good work!

    ~ Harpo

    (Aren’t you gonna be sorry you provided me with your ‘blog link now?)

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