Kermit – A Portrait for Harpo

Kermit - A Portrait for Harpo

Was wandering the woods on Tuesday, June 4th, and found a puddle along the edge of the forest; and lo and behold there sat my friend Harpo’s little buddy, Kermit. He was rather busy reducing the bug population of the area, but I convinced him to pose for me for a few shots because Harpo doesn’t have any recent pictures of him. We shared a few jokes, and a couple war stories about flying with Harpo, then I left him to his business and proceeded on my way. All in all, a good time.

4 thoughts on “Kermit – A Portrait for Harpo

  1. This “Harpo” person of whom you speak sounds like he is either a very disturbed person or one of the truly great individuals out there.

    I am leaning toward the former. Anyone that speaks of themselves in the 3rd Person has to be a little strange…

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