Frozen Waterfall during Blizzard

Frozen Waterfall in Blizzard

Took off from the house on a nice sunny day to take some pictures of the frozen waterfall just down the hill.  Got out of the Jeep and it started to snow.  Within a few minutes, I was engulfed in blizzard conditions, but took a few pictures anyway.  Headed the 3/4 miles back home, pulled into the driveway, and the sun came out.  I hate January!

Ice Patterns and Flowing Water

Ice Patterns and Flowing Water

I was out taking pictures today (it got all the way up to 40 degrees), and stopped by the stream down the hill from my house. I like the patterns and shapes the flowing water makes in the ice. This is on the West Branch of Wallenpaupack Creek in Hamlin, PA. Taken with an Olympus E-1 and 40-150mm lens.